Periodontal (Gum) Disease

Treating Periodontal Disease

Treating Gum Disease Your gum disease treatment will depend on several factors, including your personal health history and the stage of your gum disease. Professional Cleaning In the very early stages – when it is gingivitis – you may just need a professional cleaning from your dental team. They can also give you some great

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Gum Recession

Gum Recession: Causes and Treatments When your teeth are healthy, your gum tissue tightly hugs each of your teeth. But, when your gums pull away from your teeth, it is called gum recession (re-SESH-un). Gum recession can happen at any age. Even if you take good care of your teeth, it is possible that gum recession may

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Preventing Periodontal Disease

What Is Periodontal Disease? Periodontal Disease Is Also Known as Gum Disease Periodontal (perry-o-DON-tal) Disease is an infection and inflammation that affects the tissues and bone that support your teeth. It’s also called gum disease. A surprisingly wide variety of bacteria are normally found in your mouth. When certain types of bacteria outgrow the others, this starts

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